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La Fondazione Sirm, nel perseguire il suo obiettivo di promozione e supporto alla ricerca indipendente nell’ambito della diagnostica per immagini ed interventistica, ha già sostenuto e finanziato, nel corso del 2021 la pubblicazione open access di oltre 50 articoli su riviste internazionali prestando particolare attenzione alla produzione scientifica dei giovani radiologi.

AuthorDateDisplay DateTitolo
Rosa F.01/12/2023December 2023Artificial intelligence and pelvic fracture diagnosis on X-rays: a preliminary study on performance, workflow integration and radiologists' feedback assessment in a spoke emergency hospital
Granata V.01/12/2023December 2023Qualitative and semi-quantitative ultrasound assessment in delta and Omicron Covid-19 patients: data from high volume reference center
Granata V.01/12/2023December 2023Correction: Colorectal liver metastases patients prognostic assessment: prospects and limits of radiomics and radiogenomics (Infectious Agents and Cancer, (2023), 18, 1, (18), 10.1186/s13027-023-00495-x)
Scapicchio C.01/12/2023December 2023A multicenter evaluation of a deep learning software (LungQuant) for lung parenchyma characterization in COVID-19 pneumonia
Granata V.01/12/2023December 2023Colorectal liver metastases patients prognostic assessment: prospects and limits of radiomics and radiogenomics
Franco D.01/07/2023July 2023Artificial intelligence and radiation effects on brain tissue in glioblastoma patient: preliminary data using a quantitative tool
Borgheresi A.01/06/2023June 2023Tips and Tricks in Thoracic Radiology for Beginners: A Findings-Based Approach
Granata V.01/06/2023June 2023Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging in Rectal Cancer Restaging
Cossu A.01/06/2023June 2023Sarcopenia and Patient’s Body Composition: New Morphometric Tools to Predict Clinical Outcome After Ivor Lewis Esophagectomy: a Multicenter Study
Bruno F.01/06/2023June 2023Imaging of metabolic and overload disorders in tissues and organs
Brunese M.C.01/04/2023April 2023Update on the Applications of Radiomics in Diagnosis, Staging, and Recurrence of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma
Gozzi L.01/04/2023April 2023Primary Lymphoproliferative Lung Diseases: Imaging and Multidisciplinary Approach
Carlini G.01/03/2023March 2023Effectiveness of Radiomic ZOT Features in the Automated Discrimination of Oncocytoma from Clear Cell Renal Cancer
Cuicchi D.01/03/2023March 2023Radiomic Features from Post-Operative 18F-FDG PET/CT and CT Imaging Associated with Locally Recurrent Rectal Cancer: Preliminary Findings
Picone C.01/03/2023March 2023Dose Reduction Strategies for Pregnant Women in Emergency Settings
Catalano O.01/03/2023March 2023Recent Advances in Ultrasound Breast Imaging: From Industry to Clinical Practice
Pellegrino F.01/02/2023February 2023Diagnostic Management of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: Technique Optimization and Tips and Tricks for Radiologists
Gabelloni M.01/02/2023February 2023Exploring Radiologists’ Burnout in the COVID-19 Era: A Narrative Review
Granata V.01/02/2023February 2023Risk Assessment and Cholangiocarcinoma: Diagnostic Management and Artificial Intelligence
Gabelloni M.01/02/2023February 2023Radiomics in Lung Metastases: A Systematic Review
De Muzio F.01/02/2023February 2023Post-Surgical Imaging Assessment in Rectal Cancer: Normal Findings and Complications
Grassi F.01/02/2023February 2023Radiation Recall Pneumonitis: The Open Challenge in Differential Diagnosis of Pneumonia Induced by Oncological Treatments
Giacobbe G.01/02/2023February 2023Gender Medicine in Clinical Radiology Practice
Biondi R.01/02/2023February 2023Machine Learning Pipeline for the Automated Prediction of MicrovascularInvasion in HepatocellularCarcinomas
Granata V.01/02/2023February 2023Structured reporting of computed tomography in the polytrauma patient assessment: a Delphi consensus proposal
Granata V.01/01/20232023Radiomics and machine learning analysis by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in colorectal liver metastases prognostic assessment
Galluzzo A.01/01/20232023Radiomics in gastrointestinal stromal tumours: an up-to-date review
Sansone M.01/01/2023January 2023Machine Learning Approaches with Textural Features to Calculate Breast Density on Mammography
Granata V.01/01/2023January 2023Risk Assessment and Pancreatic Cancer: Diagnostic Management and Artificial Intelligence
Granata V.01/01/2023January 2023Immunotherapy Assessment: A New Paradigm for Radiologists
Cutolo C.01/01/2023January 2023Imaging Features of Main Hepatic Resections: The Radiologist Challenging
Bruno F.01/01/2023January 2023Evaluation of Cerebral Volume Changes in Patients with Tremor Treated by MRgFUS Thalamotomy
Gaudiano C.01/12/2022December 2022Beyond Multiparametric MRI and towards Radiomics to Detect Prostate Cancer: A Machine Learning Model to Predict Clinically Significant Lesions
Borgheresi R.01/12/2022December 2022NAVIGATOR: an Italian regional imaging biobank to promote precision medicine for oncologic patients
Granata V.01/12/2022December 2022Diffusion weighted imaging and diffusion kurtosis imaging in abdominal oncological setting: why and when
Granata V.01/12/2022December 2022Correction: Conventional, functional and radiomics assessment for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (Infectious Agents and Cancer, (2022), 17, 1, (13), 10.1186/s13027-022-00429-z)
Granata V.01/12/2022December 2022Conventional, functional and radiomics assessment for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
Palumbo P.01/12/2022December 2022Unenhanced Cardiac Magnetic Resonance may improve detection and prognostication of an occult heart involvement in asymptomatic patients with systemic sclerosis
Granata V.01/12/2022December 2022Not only lymphadenopathy: case of chest lymphangitis assessed with MRI after COVID 19 vaccine
Granata V.01/12/2022December 2022An update on radiomics techniques in primary liver cancers
Montella M.01/11/2022November 2022Preliminary Experience of Liquid Biopsy in Lung Cancer Compared to Conventional Assessment: Light and Shadows
Izzo F.01/11/2022November 2022Long-Term Survival and Curative-Intent Treatment in Hepatitis B or C Virus-Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Diagnosed during Screening
Bruno F.01/11/2022November 2022Cerebello-Thalamo-Cortical MR Spectroscopy in Patients with Essential Tremor Undergoing MRgFUS Thalamotomy: A Pilot Study
Francolini G.01/11/2022November 2022Integration between Novel Imaging Technologies and Modern Radiotherapy Techniques: How the Eye Drove the Chisel
Palumbo P.01/10/2022October 2022Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies: CT and MR from Basics to Advanced Imaging
Russo A.01/10/2022October 2022Clinical Application of Ultra-High-Frequency Ultrasound
Colombini A.01/10/2022October 2022Letter to the Editor concerning “Classification of endplate lesions in the lumbar spine and association with risk factors, biochemistry, and genetics” by Alessandra Colombini et al. (Eur Spine J; doi: 10.1007/s00586-021-06719-1)
Cella C.A.01/09/2022September 2022Addressing the Role of Angiogenesis in Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Treated with Everolimus: A Biological Prospective Analysis of Soluble Biomarkers and Clinical Outcomes
Chiti G.01/09/2022September 2022Gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (GEP-NENs): a radiomic model to predict tumor grade
Fusco R.01/09/2022September 2022Radiomics in medical imaging: pitfalls and challenges in clinical management
Granata V.01/08/2022August 2022Structured Reporting in Radiological Settings: Pitfalls and Perspectives
Sansone M.01/08/2022August 2022Comparison between two packages for pectoral muscle removal on mammographic images
Simonetti I.01/07/2022July 2022Multimodality Imaging Assessment of Desmoid Tumors: The Great Mime in the Era of Multidisciplinary Teams
De Muzio F.01/07/2022July 2022A Narrative Review on LI‐RADS Algorithm in Liver Tumors: Prospects and Pitfalls
Simonetti I.01/07/2022July 2022Imaging Assessment of Interval Metastasis from Melanoma
Granata V.01/07/2022July 2022Radiomics and machine learning analysis based on magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of liver mucinous colorectal metastases
Granata V.01/06/2022June 2022Imaging Severity COVID-19 Assessment in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Patients: Comparison of the Different Variants in a High Volume Italian Reference Center
Nardone V.01/06/2022June-2 2022Ability of Delta Radiomics to Predict a Complete Pathological Response in Patients with Loco-Regional Rectal Cancer Addressed to Neoadjuvant Chemo-Radiation and Surgery
Van Gómez O.01/06/2022June-2 2022Analysis of Cross-Combinations of Feature Selection and Machine-Learning Classification Methods Based on [18F]F-FDG PET/CT Radiomic Features for Metabolic Response Prediction of Metastatic Breast Cancer Lesions
Cutolo C.01/06/2022June 2022Imaging Features of Post Main Hepatectomy Complications: The Radiologist Challenging
Cozzi D.01/06/2022June 2022Radiomics in pulmonary neuroendocrine tumours (NETs)
Pradella S.01/06/2022June 2022FLORA software: semi-automatic LGE-CMR analysis tool for cardiac lesions identification and characterization
De Muzio F.01/05/2022May 2022Complications after Thermal Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Metastases: Imaging Findings
Rega D.01/05/2022May-2 2022Electrochemotherapy of Primary Colon Rectum Cancer and Local Recurrence: Case Report and Prospective Analysis
Granata V.01/05/2022May-2 2022Complications Risk Assessment and Imaging Findings of Thermal Ablation Treatment in Liver Cancers: What the Radiologist Should Expect
Granata V.01/05/2022May 2022Radiomics and Machine Learning Analysis Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Assessment of Colorectal Liver Metastases Growth Pattern
Borgheresi A.01/05/2022May-1 2022Lymph Nodes Evaluation in Rectal Cancer: Where Do We Stand and Future Perspective
Filitto G.01/05/2022May-1 2022Automated Prediction of the Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Patients Affected by Rectal Cancer
Neri E.01/05/2022May 2022Structured reporting of x-ray mammography in the first diagnosis of breast cancer: a Delphi consensus proposal
Granata V.01/05/2022May 2022Radiomics textural features by MR imaging to assess clinical outcomes following liver resection in colorectal liver metastases
Gabelloni M.01/05/2022May 2022Bridging gaps between images and data: a systematic update on imaging biobanks
Fusco R.01/04/2022April 2022Pulmonary Lymphangitis Poses a Major Challenge for Radiologists in an Oncological Setting during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Albanesi M.01/04/2022April 2022Systemic Emergencies in COVID-19 Patient: A Pictorial Review
Cutolo C.01/04/2022April 2022Combined Hepatocellular-Cholangiocarcinoma: What the Multidisciplinary Team Should Know
Brandi N.01/04/2022April 2022An Imaging Overview of COVID-19 ARDS in ICU Patients and Its Complications: A Pictorial Review
Granata V.01/04/2022April-2 2022Magnetic Resonance Features of Liver Mucinous Colorectal Metastases: What the Radiologist Should Know
Michaely H.J.01/04/2022April 2022Current Value of Biparametric Prostate MRI with Machine-Learning or Deep-Learning in the Detection, Grading, and Characterization of Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review
Palumbo P.01/04/2022April 2022Stress Perfusion Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Long-Standing Non-Infarcted Chronic Coronary Syndrome with Preserved Systolic Function
Favati B.01/04/2022April 2022Radiomic Applications on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis of BI-RADS Category 4 Calcifications Sent for Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy
Bruno F.01/04/2022April-1 2022Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Techniques: Technical Principles and Applications in Nanomedicine
Granata V.01/04/2022April-1 2022CT-Based Radiomics Analysis to Predict Histopathological Outcomes Following Liver Resection in Colorectal Liver Metastases
Gabelloni M.01/04/2022April 2022Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in COVID-19 patients: a pocket guide for radiologists
Albano D.01/04/2022April 2022Dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imaging: state of the art and applications in whole-body imaging
Padmakumari L.T.01/03/2022March 2022The Role of Chest CT Radiomics in Diagnosis of Lung Cancer or Tuberculosis: A Pilot Study
Granata V.01/03/2022March-1 2022EOB-MR Based Radiomics Analysis to Assess Clinical Outcomes following Liver Resection in Colorectal Liver Metastases
Granata V.01/03/2022March-1 2022Contrast MR-Based Radiomics and Machine Learning Analysis to Assess Clinical Outcomes following Liver Resection in Colorectal Liver Metastases: A Preliminary Study
Guerrini S.01/02/2022February-2 2022Lung Cancer Imaging: Screening Result and Nodule Management
Zantonelli G.01/02/2022February 2022Acute Pulmonary Embolism: Prognostic Role of Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography (CTPA)
Moroni C.01/02/2022February 2022CT findings of non-neoplastic central airways diseases
Mazzei M.A.01/02/2022February 2022Structured and shared CT radiological report of gastric cancer: a consensus proposal by the Italian Research Group for Gastric Cancer (GIRCG) and the Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology (SIRM)
D'onofrio M.01/01/20221 January 2022Imaging and Pathology of Pancreatic Neoplasms: A Pictorial Atlas, Second Edition
AGOSTINI A.01/01/20222022Technological advances in body CT: a primer for beginners
Monti R.01/01/20222022Degenerative and inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders: updates and hot topics in diagnostic and interventional imaging
Faggioni L.01/01/2022January 2022Usefulness of MRI-based radiomic features for distinguishing Warthin tumor from pleomorphic adenoma: performance assessment using T2-weighted and post-contrast T1-weighted MR images
Palumbo P.01/01/20222022Thoracic non-traumatic cardiovascular diseases: current perspective and multi-detectors Computed Tomography protocols optimization in the emergency setting
Bicci E.01/01/20222022Non-traumatic non-cardiovascular thoracic emergencies: role of imaging
Granata V.01/01/20222022Radiological assessment of peritoneal carcinomatosis: a primer for resident
Flammia F.01/01/20222022Optimization of CT protocol in polytrauma patients: an update
De Muzio F.01/01/20222022CT study protocol optimization in acute non-traumatic abdominal settings
Granata V.01/01/20222022Diagnostic performance of LI-RADS in adult patients with rare hepatic tumors
Gatta G.01/01/2022January 2022MRI in Pregnancy and Precision Medicine: A Review from Literature
Iacobellis F.01/01/2022January-1 2022Current Standards for and Clinical Impact of Emergency Radiology in Major Trauma
Granata V.01/01/2022January 2022Structured reporting of computed tomography in the staging of colon cancer: a Delphi consensus proposal
Palumbo P.01/12/2021December 2021Real-world clinical validity of cardiac magnetic resonance tissue tracking in primitive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Granata V.01/12/2021December 2021Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and its differential diagnosis at MRI: how radiologist should assess MR features
Sansone M.01/12/2021December 2021Radiomic features of breast parenchyma: assessing differences between FOR PROCESSING and FOR PRESENTATION digital mammography
Granata V.01/12/2021December 2021Diagnostic evaluation and ablation treatments assessment in hepatocellular carcinoma
Albano D.01/12/2021December 2021Imaging side effects and complications of chemotherapy and radiation therapy: a pictorial review from head to toe
Bruno F.01/12/2021December 2021Comparative evaluation of tractography-based direct targeting and atlas-based indirect targeting of the ventral intermediate (Vim) nucleus in MRgFUS thalamotomy
Granata V.01/12/2021December 2021Radiomics in hepatic metastasis by colorectal cancer
Coppola F.01/12/2021December 2021Impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the profession and psychological wellbeing of radiologists: a nationwide online survey
Granata V.30/11/202130 November 2021Structured Reporting of Computed Tomography in the Staging of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: A Delphi Consensus Proposal
Bottari A.01/11/20211 November 2021CT scan
Palumbo P.01/11/2021November 2021Automated quantitative lung ct improves prognostication in non-icu covid-19 patients beyond conventional biomarkers of disease
Granata V.01/11/2021November 2021Structured reporting of computed tomography and magnetic resonance in the staging of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: A delphi consensus proposal
Granata V.01/11/2021November 2021Quantitative analysis of residual covid-19 lung ct features: Consistency among two commercial software
Borghesi A.01/10/2021October 2021Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the selection of chest imaging modalities and reporting systems: a survey of Italian radiologists
Fusco R.01/10/2021October-1 2021Artificial intelligence and covid-19 using chest ct scan and chest x-ray images: Machine learning and deep learning approaches for diagnosis and treatment
Reginelli A.01/10/2021October 2021Radiomics as a new frontier of imaging for cancer prognosis: A narrative review
Scapicchio C.01/10/2021October 2021A deep look into radiomics
Coppola F.28/09/202128 September 2021Human, All Too Human? An All-Around Appraisal of the “Artificial Intelligence Revolution” in Medical Imaging
Pagliei V.10/09/202110 September 2021Cervical spine trauma: Impact of different imaging classification systems in the clinical decision-making
Evangelista L.10/09/202110 September 2021When to perform vertebroplasty? A retrospective analysis from a single center and a review of the literature
Palumbo P.10/09/202110 September 2021Basics in magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound: Technical basis and clinical application. A brief overview
Bellisari F.C.10/09/202110 September 2021Diagnostic performance of DIXON sequences on low-field scanner for the evaluation of knee joint pathology
Sgalambro F.10/09/202110 September 2021The role of interventional radiology in hepatic and renal hemorrhage embolization: Single center experience and literature review
Bruno F.01/09/2021September 2021Comprehensive evaluation of factors affecting tremor relapse after mrgfus thalamotomy: A case-control study
Granata V.01/09/2021September 2021Structured reporting of lung cancer staging: A consensus proposal
Cantisani V.01/09/20211 September 2021Addendum to the sonographic medical act
Granata V.01/09/2021September 2021Computed tomography structured reporting in the staging of lymphoma: A delphi consensus proposal
Izzo F.01/09/2021September 2021A multicenter randomized controlled prospective study to assess efficacy of laparoscopic electrochemotherapy in the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic cancer
Chiti G.01/09/20211 September 2021Imaging of pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms
Granata V.02/08/20212 August 2021Preliminary report on computed tomography radiomics features as biomarkers to immunotherapy selection in lung adenocarcinoma patients
Laino M.E.01/08/2021August 2021The applications of artificial intelligence in chest imaging of COVID-19 patients: A literature review
Cozzi D.01/08/2021August 2021Ground-glass opacity (GGO): a review of the differential diagnosis in the era of COVID-19
Tagliafico A.S.01/08/2021August 2021Impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak on radiology research: An Italian survey
Nardone V.02/07/20212 July 2021Radiomics in the setting of neoadjuvant radiotherapy: A new approach for tailored treatment
Grassi R.01/07/2021July 2021Evolution of ct findings and lung residue in patients with covid-19 pneumonia: Quantitative analysis of the disease with a computer automatic tool
Albano D.01/07/2021July 2021Plantar forefoot pain: ultrasound findings before and after treatment with custom-made foot orthoses
Granata V.21/06/202121 June 2021Local ablation of pancreatic tumors: State of the art and future perspectives
Belfiore M.P.11/06/202111 June 2021Usefulness of High-Frequency Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Melanoma: Mini Review
Biondi R.02/06/20212 June 2021Classification performance for covid patient prognosis from automatic ai segmentation—a single-center study
Pradella S.02/06/20212 June 2021The radiologist as a gatekeeper in chest pain
Cozzi D.02/06/20212 June 2021Role of chest imaging in viral lung diseases
Iacobellis F.01/06/2021June 2021Large bowel ischemia/infarction: How to recognize it and make differential diagnosis? A review
Bicchierai G.01/06/20211 June 2021A review of breast imaging for timely diagnosis of disease
Granata V.24/05/202124 May 2021A Systematic Review about Imaging and Histopathological Findings for Detecting and Evaluating Electroporation Based Treatments Response
Granata V.01/05/20211 May 2021Structured reporting of rectal cancer staging and restaging: A consensus proposal
Coppola F.28/04/202128 April 2021The heterogeneity of skewness in t2w-based radiomics predicts the response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer
Granata V.01/04/20211 April 2021Abbreviated mri protocol for the assessment of ablated area in hcc patients
Granata V.05/03/20215 March 2021Covid-19 infection in cancer patients: The management in a diagnostic unit
Granata V.01/03/2021March 2021Lymphadenopathy after bnt162b2 covid-19 vaccine: Preliminary ultrasound findings
Reginelli A.01/02/2021February 2021Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Italy: Double reading of chest CT examination
GRANATA V.01/01/20212021Diagnostic protocols in oncology: workup and treatment planning. Part 1: The optimitation of CT protocol
Granata V.01/01/20212021Diagnostic protocols in oncology: Workup and treatment planning. Part 2: Abbreviated MR protocol
D’agostino V.01/01/20212021A rare case of cerebral venous thrombosis and disseminated intravascular coagulation temporally associated to the covid-19 vaccine administration
Mazzei M.A.15/12/202015 December 2020Inflammatory bowel diseases and coexisting spondyloarthritis: A neglected and too often under-reported association by radiologists. A multicenter study by Italian Research Group of Imaging in Rheumatology
del Vecchio A.01/12/20201 December 2020Italian inter-society expert panel position on radiological exposure in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Messina C.01/06/2020June 2020Diffusion-weighted imaging in oncology: An update
Banna G.L.01/02/2020February 2020Erratum: Corrigendum to “Recommendations for surveillance and follow-up of men with testicular germ cell tumors: A multidisciplinary consensus conference by the Italian Germ cell cancer Group and the Associazione Italiana di Oncologia Medica” (Critical Reviews in Oncology / Hematology (2019) 137 (154–164), (S1040842819300587), (10.1016/j.critrevonc.2019.03.006))
Banna G.L.01/05/2019May 2019Recommendations for surveillance and follow-up of men with testicular germ cell tumors: a multidisciplinary consensus conference by the Italian Germ cell cancer Group and the Associazione Italiana di Oncologia Medica
Bibbolino C.01/01/20191 January 2019Foreword
Mazzei M.A.01/01/20172017Incidental and underreported pleural plaques at Chest CT: Do not miss them-asbestos exposure still exists
Melis M.01/03/20071 March 2007Diagnosis and treatment of atypical odontalgia: A review of the literature and two case reports